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  1. What is the idea of Budget Hotel, why you are different?

    We are applying the simplicity concept for hotel owners.

    WHAT CLIENTS WANT: You have a hotel with 100 rooms, and you do not want to spend a year or two in planning and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to consultants. All clients want to get the best design possible, best look possible, least cost and be able to open as soon as possible.

    HOW WE DO IT: We spend two years on the design board, working quite hard and paying creative designers to come up with exclusive designs that cut rooms’ areas to double your income, then produce phenomenal designs for your hotel. We take all that to our brutal value engineers to cut all the possible corners without affecting durability and beauty. Then we build mock ups that look exactly like the actual room to the extent of that the mini bars are loaded and working and closets have the right number of clothes’ hangers. After you choose the room - which is the biggest chunk of cash - you still need to get the bathrooms, the corridors and the lobby. All that is well designed, value engineered and done in a mock up for you to look at, touch and examine. With us, getting your project done has become an easy process that is done in 3 simple steps:

    • Walk in our studio to review 5 pre-designed fantastic interior collections in 25 different color schemes
    • Select the collection you Like
    • Order your free full estimate for all items & service
  2. What is the range of mock ups and display in your studio?

    We have a variety display with easy ways of selecting the style you like. We developed 5 pre-designed fantastic interior collections that are well displayed in the studio. Each includes guest room & bathroom, corridor, lobby counter, and each collection is represented in 5 color schemes that yurn it into 25 collections which meet any style that you desire. This is topped with very well selected restaurants and coffee shop items to complete your hotel.

    We also present the same collections in several hotel configuration forms such as single rooms, double rooms, suites and even hotel apartments for extended stay properties. In addition, we display a full range of hotel operation items (SOE), different categories of linens, towels, chinaware, silver ware, and even candles & flowers.

  3. How do you describe your product quality?

    Budget Hotel works with the highest quality manufacturers available, looking for value to pass on to our customers. For example, we have tested our furniture for their usability and general comfort. Before placing your order, you can either visit our studio in China or you can visit any of our distributors’ showrooms or even Budget Hotel projects around the world that are at your convenience.

  4. How can you describe your price range?

    In Budget Hotel, we help you to save 60% of costs by saving cost spent on design and contracting with multiple suppliers. We help you to earn more by opening your hotel faster, better and at a less cost than others using traditional methods. Tactically or strategically we are the least expensive, the most cost efficient on the level of items by items. We are basically the least expensive in the market.

  5. Are you specialized in only budget hotels or can you still do 5 star hotels?

    Actually many clients would preview some of our designed rooms as 4 star or even 5 star properties. It looks high-end but we look our best when you look at us as a budget hotel company. Still if you have an official 5 star hotel please visit our sister company Hotelier Holding Limited (

  6. Can you do my own custom design?

    Usually this will cost more time and money than the predesigned products. If you still desire to do so please visit our sister company Hotelier Holing Limited (

  7. How big is your turn over per year?

    It varies from month to month but we have happy hotel openings every week somewhere in the world.

  8. What if I only wish to buy furniture?

    Many of our clients make furniture orders first then come along for their whole hotels online. Basic furniture orders usually include the headboard, 2 side tables, wardrobe, luggage rack, coffee table and coffee chair. Please email us for more info on:

  9. How long does it take to come up with a price quotation?

    Just 30 minutes if you are in a Budget Hotel studio or if you are online, you can get your FREE price quotation anywhere any time at your convenience. Just click on our website (, choose your favorite collection then key in the quantity for your order.

  10. Do you produce or source?

    We do not maintain either physical inventory or a factory. Anyone of our studios costs as much as two furniture factories combined. We apply future business modern, smart solutions such as Apple and NIKE with all their products. They do not own any factories but everybody is keen on their designs and products. We see it the same way, we are free to select the manufacturers with the best technology, latest machines in China if it is appropriate or in Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, India wherever is better and cheaper. We choose to be in control and get your hotel done with the least cost, shortest time and top quality.

  11. Who owns Budget Hotel?

    Budget Hotel Studios is a multinational company in the sense of ownership and team which comes from several countries.

  12. Who designs for you?

    We have designers and design house studios from Italy, France, Singapore, USA, and Turkey.

  13. Do you have something to handout like a brochure, catalogue or anything like that?

    We do not provide any hard copy but we rather display everything online. Please visit our website ( and you will find everything about us including videos, photos, a brochure and magazines.

  14. Do you export or work only in mainland China?

    Yes. We are doing international project all over the world. We have business in the US, Europe, Brazil, Russia, Middle East and so on. We are geared to export.

  15. How do you work when my layout is different from yours?

    It is a common case. We are a studio and we do not expect all layouts to be space efficient or as good as ours. Please click on service menu and you can order many services such as all types of plans, like layout plans, electrical, plumbing, flooring, ceilings and lighting. Then your local contractors can just take it and get started easily.

  16. Can you send somebody to take measurements from actual site and supervise installation?

    It is up to you. Firstly we offer you online free manuals on how to take measurements all the way down to installation or help technical staff in your country to do so. If it is not enough, you may go further to order the online video to help you in any stage. Still you can order an engineer to fly down to your project site and extend help to you at your actual location.

  17. Do your prices include shipping?

    All our prices are EXW, meaning factory prices. You are free to have your order shipped overseas by the company of your choosing. We also have our preferred partner for international package forwarding to more than 200 countries. Please click on service menu for more details.

  18. How can I do the ceiling, flooring, plumbing, and electricity on site to meet the things I bought from you?

    We offer services such as all types of plans like layout plans, electrical, plumbing, flooring, ceiling and lighting plans. Your contractors can just take these plans and get started easily. Please click on service menu for more details.

  19. Do you have a warrantee for your products?

    We have a 12 month warrantee for all our products against manufacturing errors.

  20. How can I pay you?

    As we are a multinational company, we issue you a Performa invoice which is a contract that includes all terms and conditions in addition to our official bank account where you can TT (Telegraphic Transfer) or open LC (Letter of Credit). If you have any difficulties or queries we are happy to assist you. Feel free to email us on

  21. How long will it take to receive my order?

    The time period will range from 12 to 16 weeks. For shipping, we have our preferred partner for international package forwarding to more than 200 countries. Please click on service menu for more details.

  22. Do you have a draft contract that I can review?

    As we are a multinational company, we can issue you a Performa invoice which is a contract that includes all terms and conditions.

  23. How can I review my selections with my team and friends?

    We have everything displayed online. You can review all photos of our rooms, or walk through the 360 degree panorama. Once you see the room you like, just click on it then you can review all the items within that room with pictures, specification, and product description. Simply just key in your contact info and the quantity you want, and a FREE estimate will reach your mailbox right away.

  24. How can I know the description and technical specifications before I go ahead?

    You can do that by going through our studio. Click on the room you like then you can review all the items within that room covering full information: pictures, specifications, product description, characteristics and shipping index.

  25. Where is Budget Hotel studio location?

    Budget Hotel studio is the place for new products and fresh idea with our knowledgeable experts. All of our products are on display and our experts can place orders and answer any of your questions. Budget Hotel studio also offers special services for specifies and businesses. Please click here for locations.

  26. On which bases do you give discount?

    Our prices are supremely value engineered and there are no more corners to cut unless reducing the quality, but we choose not to do so.

  27. How can I get a price quotation?

    While going through our studio, click on the room you like then you can review all the items within that room with pictures, specifications, and product description. Simply just key in your contact info and the quantity you want, and a FREE estimate will reach your mailbox right away.

  28. Do you have stocked items?

    We do not maintain any inventory. Once you order, we would place your order to our qualified manufacturers. Your order would be ready for shipping between 12-16 weeks after receiving down payment from you.

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